Fantasy Map Extravaganza


Hi, my name is Clarence and I draw fantasy maps.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve liked to draw. My favorite place to draw was in class, where I would zone out and conduct battle with many wondrous and weird creatures on pen and paper. I would also draw maps, labyrinthine constructs filled with monsters and treasure. It was glorious.

After high school, I stopped drawing for many years. It was only fairly recently (2018) that I started getting interested in mapmaking again. Through roleplaying, I came to learn of blogs where people were making amazing dungeons. I started wondering if I could draw one too.

And so I drew my first map ever, the Cultist’s Hideout. The quality at the time wasn’t quite what it is today. I drew this first map with a single pen and had to scan it with my phone because I didn’t have a printer. Because I was using grid paper, I needed to add a lot of artificial brightness in post-editing in order to remove the grid lines. This meant that the map came out less dark overall. All things considered, it didn’t come out half bad.

The second map I drew was The Abbey of Saint Claudius. I was trying a few new things. First, elevation. Second, thicker walls. Third, a parched background. At this point I didn’t have a defined style so I am still trying vastly different things and seeing what I like.

It was with my third map, Maraduk’s Folly, that things started looking up quality wise. I finally had got a printer, and this meant that I no longer needed to pump up the brightness in Photoshop in order to remove gridlines. The map came out pleasantly darker with well-defined walls.

Since my third map, I’ve gotten ever better tools and I am still trying out different things. I’ve also started a Patreon campaign to support my map drawing.

And that’s where we are right now.