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Strongman’s Keep

A fantasy map of a keep
Strongman’s Keep

I had many ideas when drawing this map: palace, ruins, castle… I think they can all work in the right situation. For me, though, this is more like a keep used by a clandestine, shadowy organization. 

A kitchen and pantry can be found in the western area. 

There are small bedrooms attached to the central hallways.

To the east, a giant torture room for the unlucky who come across this place. 

The heart of the keep can be found to the north. In here unscrupulous bandits scheme. Bedrooms of higher prestige as well as different workshops can also be found in this area.

I called it Strongman’s keep because I thought that the keep could be led by a powerful warrior known for his musculature. While strong, he’s also very cunning (and often underestimated).

So there you have it, the strongman’s keep.

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