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The Long Darkness

The Long Darkness - a Dungeons & Dragons Isometric map
The Long Darkness

The Long Dark

A neigh impenetrable umbra seems to permeate every inch of this underground complex. Torches struggle to push off the darkness. Screams, humanoid or otherwise, can be frequently heard coming from the inner chambers.

There is a creature living in this dungeon. While none have seen it with their own eye, many have given an account of the many horrors they *have* witnessed. Corpses twisted in unnatural ways, sounds of bones being crushed and marrow being sucked from them, and a repulsing and pervasive smell of putridity.

Rooms are in surprisingly better condition than the sad sods who tried to explore the place. Many items and furnishings can still be found, as it seems the monsters living here don’t care for riches. Bedchambers, storage rooms, libraries are almost intact, other than the blood and flesh splattered all over the floors and walls. 

Closer to the innermost chambers there are two series of strangely laid out rooms. Were adventurers find and decipher the writings of the people who lived here long ago, they would find out that these rooms were used as challenges, a different one for each direction. Of course, the maintainers of the challenges have long ago disappeared, but the smell of magic still permeates the place to this day…

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