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An Inconspicuous Abode

An Inconspicuous Abode

A series of robberies have been taking place in the city in the last few weeks. The robbers are said to be using the sewers to move around and carry their loot, but even though the guards have been down there several times, they haven’t been able to find any traces of the thieves. Will adventurers have any more luck?

This map is divided into two parts:

The Derelict Sewer Section

This is a series of ancient tunnels that have been unused for ages but that are still connected to the main sewer system of the city. Some of the guards that have been down there say that they were able to hear sounds of squeals and yips coming from that direction. Could some creatures have made this abandoned area their home?

The Inconspicuous Abode

This three-story house is quite normal in appearance. Inside, one can find the usual rooms. However, were one to be particularly perceptive, they would notice that the third floor’s western room is smaller than the others. Not only that, but the first floor’s library has a fake book amidst the others. I wonder what would happen if the book were to be pulled…

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