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Thousand Fangs Passage

Some raving reviews from our loyal adventurers: 

“I travelled from Moonhaven to carry out my 50th expedition and the first place I thought of was the Thousand Fangs because it was the dungeon where my pal Eydlin got paralyzed by deadly poison and ended up as an unwilling host for a new generation of spidery crawlers. I can’t think of a better adventuring place in the Unseen Mountains than this panic-inducing, adrenaline-pumping, spider-infested passage. Will be back” – Simimar, the Elven Warrior

“We had a tremendous time at the Thousand Fangs. Service is fantastic. You never rest, nor do you ever feel like it’s safe to take a break. Lots of different types of food. From the tasty legs of the giant exploding tarantulas to the succulent eyes of the terrifying jumping spider, a dwarf can’t ask for better quality. Specially if her rations are ruined because of the pervasive poison permeating the place” – Thofohilda Broadcoat, Dwarven Priestess

“We heard from this dungeon at the Jolly Duck Inn. They said it was known for the spiders, so we bought antidotes beforehand. Well, color me impressed. Not only did we come within an ace of pushing up daisies, but we also discovered more varieties of spiders than we ever thought we wanted to know. In the end we prevailed, though it wasn’t for lack of effort from the spiders! Those little crawlers sure knew how to gang up from us from every corner. 5/5, will come again” – Clodio Puddlefoot and the Flying Circus

TL;DR: like Moria, but smaller and with spiders instead of orcs. 

Hand drawn on a Wacom tablet with Photoshop. Crumbled paper background from DevianArt. Shadows added digitally.

The crosshatching for this map took longer than when I hand draw on paper. I have one of those tablets where you draw on it and you see the output on the screen, so it’s harder to get the lines right. Overall, my impression of drawing with a tablet is that it looks neater. However, it’s more tiring for the eyes and takes longer. I’ll go back to drawing on paper, but I might want to buy a draw-on tablet in the future. 

That’s all from me. Hope you enjoy this week’s map!

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