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Temple of Hal’Karrad

Dungeon & Dragons Cartography - Temple of Hal'Karrad
Temple of Hal’Karrad

The Temple of Kal’Harrad stands tall amidst the humble dwellings in the desert city of Va’l’Kalor. Legends say the temple was built by the god Kal’Harrad back in ancient times. Rumors are that he left traces of his passing in the shape of different relics.

Only the order of monks that currently lives inside could confirm or deny the rumors, but they have sworn a vow of silence and they wouldn’t take kindly to people snooping around.

Fun fact: the design of the walls harks backs to one of my early drawings. Even though I really liked that design, I didn’t think of using it again until today, when I was looking through my old maps. It gives it a sort of metallic look, doesn’t it?

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