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Port City of Alpukar SE

Dungeons & Dragons Cartography - Port city of Alpukar
Port City of Alpukar

Thanks to @Lukaluke, who suggested a pier in this month’s edition of Ask the Patron.  

From the pier, a small part of a city grew, and so here’s the result. This is the port area of the city of Alpukar. I have half a mind to keep working on the city in future maps, adding more sections and areas. We’ll see.

There’s a bunch of houses around, a inn (NE) and a temple (South from the inn). There’s also a pier along with a small boat. Anytime you need a dock area in your campaign, feel free to use mine!

The detail on the roofs is more visible when you zoom in. I think I need to take that into account in future maps, so that everything is visible from the get-go. 

I was also inspired by the port area in Athkatla, a city in the CRPG Baldur’s Gate II. I drew it from memory!

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