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Doppel Sirtet

Doppel Sirtet

The magical dungeon of Doppel Sirtet is situated in an unnamed quasi-plane, stuck firmly between Nowhere Springs and Hinterland Heights. 

Powerful, chaotic magical forces prevent direct teleportation to the dungeon. Indeed, the only way to get in is by accident. Adventurers going through unnamed portals could very well end up appearing here!

I suggest that the party teleporting in is split according to dice roll. Some players will start on the bottom left side and some players will start on the bottom right. Both groups will both eventually reach a mirror about half-way through the dungeon. 

These two mirrors on both sides of the dungeon are connected to each other. If the players from each side touch the mirrors at the same time, they are able to walk through and switch places. However, doing so has a chance of triggering the chaotic energy that permeates the place. Any time two players switch places, there’s a chance for a wild magical effect to take place. 

This could be something like the Wild Magic Surge Table in D&D or some mutation to the players’ characters. 

If wild magic is anathema at your table, consider introducing a different, less random downside. The point is that there is no free cake!

Anyway, enjoy this dungeon!

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