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Ominous House on The Hill Top

Ominous House on The Hill Top - a Dungeons & Dragons Cartography Drawing
Ominous House on The Hill Top

This week’s map consists of a hill upon which stands a conspicuous house. Who could live in such a remote location?

Beyond the house, there is a small group of trees that block the vision to a circle of stones. Are the stones being used for some forbidden rituals? Or is their unnatural placement an incredible coincidence?

My thoughts during the drawing of the map were that whoever lives in the house is probably pretty grey on the moral scale. He’s likely using the pile of stones as a sacrifice ground. For what purpose, however, that I cannot say. For power, gold or boons, that’s up to your players to find out.

The real question is, will the adventurers go up the stairs to check out the house, or will they decide to do exactly the opposite of what you had planned as usual? ?.Gridded and non-gridded versions available in the attachments below.

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