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Jolly Duck Inn

Jolly Duck Inn - Dungeons & Dragon Cartography

This inn’s got a duck with a buffoon’s hat on it. Do you really need to keep reading after that?


The Jolly Duck is (choose your own adventure):

(a) run by a capable family of shapeshifting ducks who escaped from a secret society of intelligent animals and who just want to live in peace and would very much like not to have their true nature revealed.

(b) a front for a criminal operation consisting of enchanted organ exchanging. Imagine ripping out your own eye, plopping in an enchanted one, and suddenly you can see in the dark! Gruesome AND cool!

(c) just a regular three-floor inn with stables for horses, decent beer and even a stage for roaming bards to play in.

Whatever your quest is, surely it can wait one more night. Come on in, grab a seat and enjoy a drink at the Jolly Duck!

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