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Forgotten Lab

I’d like to show you my latest creation, the Forgotten Lab. Normally I was going to release this map a few days ago, but life got in the way!

Forgotten Lab, a fantasy map
Forgotten Lab

The Forgotten Lab is made up of two areas: the first level to the left and an abandoned wizard’s lab to the right. The lab is accessible exclusively through a portal on the first level.

Entering through the southwest, adventurers will have to fight their way through the orcs living in the caverns. If they manage to make it out of the caverns, they still need to deal with the bandits that have occupied the entire place. If they make it all the way through to the end, they will find a magical portal that will take them to the lab.

The lab was occupied by 4 wizards who spent their time experimenting with unwilling magical creatures. The wizards are long gone, but their creatures remain, bound by magic to protect their masters’ possessions until they return. The creatures are horribly mutated and filled with hate for their old masters. Wise adventurers might find a way to take advantage of that…

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