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Weetoer Citadel’s Cursed Tower


This gaunt tower stands among the broken ruins of what used to be a majestic castle. Back in the day, the tower was a place of mirth, where wine ran as free as laughter and men and women celebrated life. Until that fatidic day…

Some rumors speak of ancient ritual conducted by a powerful necromancer. Others talk of the god’s punishment. In any case, something happened that cast a curse upon the land.

The tower has now become a desolate shadow of its former self. The land surrounding the tower is black and no vegetation grows on it other than poisonous grass and flowers. As for the previous inhabitants of the tower, no one ever saw them leave.

Some say they are still inside the tower, their bodies turned to black, their minds twisted and with a newfound hunger for flesh.

Each square represents 60 inches (1.5 meters). The version here is 300DPI. You can get bigger resolution & gridded versions for free here.

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