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Temple of Actaeus

Temple of Actaeus - A Dungeons & Dragons Map Drawing
Temple of Actaeus

This week’s map is a large temple complex dedicated to the order of the god Actaeus. The temple is divided into two main sections: the public area (#1 to #17 on the map) and the inner sanctum (starting from #18).

The Public Area

The public area is divided into three sections which are joined by a common meeting hall (#17).

  • The Fist

The Fist is located to the west. The inhabitants of The Fist are hardened warriors and mercenaries. They represent the military force of the temple.The area includes sleeping chambers (#6), rooms to make and eat food (#7 through #9), places to train (#10 through #14), a meeting hall (#15), a cave (#16) – currently used to store stolen goods – and a meeting room (#15).

  • The Brain

The Brain is located to the east. The inhabitants of The Brain are wizards, sorcerers, and intellectuals. They give strategic direction to the order.The area includes a library (#1), a training area (#2), a meeting hall (#3) and sleeping chambers with attached laboratories (#4).

  • The Unfathomable

The unfathomable is a small underwater area between the Brain and the Fist. Its waters are inhabited by an unnameable, invisible, flesh-eating monster. This creature is so horrific in appearance that if it ever was made visible it would seriously affect the sanity of those around it. The order sees the creature as an aspect of their god. They rely on it to judge those who are particularly favored by Actaeus. Indeed, anyone wanting to join the Inner Sanctum must go through the waters once. If they make it through – most don’t – they will be granted entrance.

The Inner Sanctum

The Inner Sanctum is where the most devoted of Actaeus live. Only those who have gone through the trial of the Unfathomable are granted entry.

The Inner Sanctum has no door, for no one within the order who hasn’t go through the Trial of the Unfathomable would dare penetrate it.

#19, #21 and #22 are sleeping chambers while #20 is used as a praying room.

In the middle chamber (#20) there is a giant eye watching from beneath a pool of water. The order maintains that it’s the Right Eye of Actaeus, watching over them. People from outside the order who’ve seen the eye have other ideas.

Some say the eye belongs to a gigantic creature who is watching from a different plane. Others say there’s an actual giant cursed to be forever trapped beneath the waters. It’s hard to say what’s true or false, but one thing is clear. The eye is very much alive. It watches those who enter, it moves within the pool, and some have even claimed to have communicated with it mentally.

There’s even those who say the eye granted them a boon. However, there are just about as many people who claim the eye cursed them in some horrific way. Seems like the only way to find out the truth would be to gather your party and venture forth into the Temple of Actaeus.


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