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Secret Tomb of Ulxodh the Lich

Tomb of Ulxodh
Tomb of Ulxodh

Somehow, someway, you managed to find the entrance to this hidden tomb. As the giant metal doors open and the light makes its way into the pitch dark chamber, your ears are overwhelmed with the sounds of thousands of scattering legs as creeping and slithering insects and other creatures make their way into the safety of the walls.

You make your way down the stairs, the only light the torch in your hands. You reach another door and look back at your party, making sure everyone is ready to face what lies within.

You open the second set of doors into a wide open chamber. Numerous columns surround an elevated platform on which sits a stone sarcophagus with the symbol of a closed eye on it.

Of course, you try open the sarcophagus.

The moment you touch the surface of the sarcophagus, the eye inscribed on it opens, “pops out” and glares at you maliciously whilst floating in the air. Then, a shocking wave of magical power spreads out from the sarcophagus and hurts and sweeps away whoever is fool enough to be standing on the platform.

With impeccable timing, the columns around the edges of the room open up. In the space within each column, a different monster suddenly makes its way through a magical portal. Boy, someone does NOT want to be disturbed!

After fighting the floating eye and the monsters, you make your way to the sarcophagus again. Instead of treasure, you find a set of stairs going down deeper into the dark.

You reach another door and you open it into a big room. There are two paths, one to the right and one the left. The most interesting things in both paths are a few child-sized caskets on recesses. Inside the coffins, the party will find different body parts. Together, the form a complet body of a humanoid creature.

Once the party has explored the paths and they are back in the central room, they will be lured to inspect the northern wall by a whisper in the air. If they do so, they will find a hidden corridor leading into a small crypt with another coffin on a platform. This coffin has the symbol of an open eye inscribed on it.

The eye here seems friendly. It talks to the party telephatically, informing them that there’s a great hero buried here and that all the monsters they fought this far were placed by Evil to prevent the hero from being resurrected.

The eye tries its best, offering rewards, boons and trinkets and whatever else is necessary, to persuade the party to help it revive the hero. All they have to do, it says, is bring back the body parts in the small coffins outside and put them all together in the sarcophagus.

If the party does as the eye bids, they will see as the bones stitch together magically and the corpse comes to life.

Unfortunately for our adventures, the creature they have brought back is far from being heroic.

They face Ulxodh the lich, the Undead Plague, the Destroyer of Kingdoms, buried for two thousand years, its body broken into pieces and magically enchanted so it couldn’t regenerate into its phylactery.

Ulxodh, who is now fully awakened and let me tell you, he is NOT a morning person.

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