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Four Gangs

Four Gangs Map
Four Gangs Map

Deep in the Twisted Caves, past a stream of murky, blue-green water, lies this dungeon. Built in ancient times by a race of half-giants, the dungeon is currently the home of different groups, including a band of renegade orcs, a cluster of mutated spiders, a maddened priest with his followers, and a hardened tribe of Kuo-Toa.

Far from being at peace, the different groups actively vie for control of the different areas. No one has been able to gain a decisive advantage however. The result of their struggles is visible in the fresh, mutilated corpses littering the hallways. This constant source of fresh meat has lead to a secondary population of small, carnivore creatures who eat flesh and metal alike.

Each square represents 120 inches (3 meters). Yes, it’s pretty big. The creators were half-giant, after all. The version here is 300DPI. If for some reason you need it bigger you can get it here.

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