Fantasy Map Extravaganza

Underground Crypt

A map of an underground crypt

As you know, I have mostly drawn line versions of maps. But for a while now, I’ve been itching to draw a battle map like those used on Roll20.

Today, I scratched that itch.

Initially I was thinking of just screwing around a bit with a tutorial I found, but then as the dungeon started taking shape I got more and more involved to finish it. And so, this is the result.

Welcome to the Underground Crypt.

To the west, an ancient sarcophagus. Perhaps an undead with some valuables lies therein.

To the north, the throne, perhaps of an ancient warrior? Next to the throne stand two statues, who look suspiciously like they are about to come to life and guard that chest on the back of the room…

To the east, 4 fire pots surround a macabre altar. Traces of old blood surround the altar and make one wonder if it would be a good idea to touch anything in this room

Note: the map is available in high resolution (and gridless) versions for supporters on Patreon. An alternative version is also available for supporters at the Explorer level. The Patreon version has a different color scheme and is covered by moss, oh my!

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