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Thieves’ Guild

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Thieves’ Guild

Ah, the thieves’ guild. Who hasn’t been in there looking for contracts, info on a mark or just to learn some skills? I sure have! 

This particular thieves’ guild is run by two brothers, Sorrep and Titious, who stole their way to fortune and fame from their humble origins as beggars. 

Sorrep is the public face of the pair. He is in charge of the top floor, where he runs the day-to-day operations. He’s also the one who deals with the authorities and other influential figures, making sure to grease the palms of the people who will ensure the guild’s continued low profile. 

Titos is the hand in the dark, a master assassin and thief hardened by a lifetime of struggle. He runs his operations from the basement, which is accessible from several places in the guild, including from a trapdoor in the office of both brothers. It’s in the basement where the prisoners of the guild are kept and tortured. Here is too where they keep all their loot. 

While not pictured in the map, the basement has several secret openings leading to the sewer. It’s by using these that the thieves can go anywhere in town undetected.

Adventurers coming into the guild would find the usual amenities: training for thieves, contracts, thieving supplies, etc. To get to the really good stuff though, well, that’s going to take some extra snooping around.

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