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Museum of Horrors – A Wing (lineart)

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Museum of Horrors – Wing B

This is the line art version of the A Wing of the Museum of Horrors.

Description re-posted for your convenience with some extra content at the end 🙂

This here is the Museum of Horrors, a large building that holds a collection of statues and paintings of different creatures, both humanoid and monster-like. The “Horrors” part of the museum’s name comes from the fact that the entirety of the subjects in the art pieces are depicted in varying expressions of agony and terror, as if they had been tortured or subjected to extreme pain just before their death.

The owner of the museum if the countess Elleine. She is a powerful transmuter who is thoroughly insane and lives purely for her art. She is a recluse, staying within her inner chambers in wing B.

The macabre collection is composed in part of real creatures who had the misfortune of falling pray to the countess’s perversions. She either transforms her targets into stone or captures their soul into a special satchel depending on her fancy. She later transfers these souls into a canvas by using a magical brush she made herself. Not all her pieces of art come from creatures, however. She’s a genuinely talented artist and takes pride on her own creations.

On top of having lost her mind, she’s highly paranoid. While she lets visitors roam the halls of the museum freely, she’s also heavily protected. She has laced some of the most imposing statues with powerful enchantments. If visitors should show any violence or aggression the status come to life to defend their mistress.

Suspicions have undoubtedly arisen in the surrounding area regarding the disappearances, particularly those of businessmen and local notables. A thorough party would certainly find some clues as to the disappearances, such as stone dust or even some other artistic supplies at the scenes of the crimes. If eventually they venture into the museum, they must be ready not only to fight off the onslaught of Elleine’s guardian statues, but also to face her in her inner chamber, where she keeps the most exotic and dangerous pieces of her collection…

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