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Zahgorim’s Underground Lair

About the location

This map represents the lower level of an ancient fortress. Despite the latter having fallen into disrepair throughout the years, the lower level remains in good condition.

About the inhabitants

The place is currently inhabited by a small clan of orcs called the Bloody Sunshine. They are led by the patriarch Zahgorim, an imposing figure who keeps the naturally unruly orcs disciplined.

Zahgorim is unique among his brethren. While he shares the aggressiveness and love of combat of his brothers and sisters, he’s also a brilliant strategist who prides himself on his knowledge of military tactics. Rather than underestimating other races, he tries to learn from them. This has led him to develop an eclectic fighting style that can adapt to almost any situation. This and his cunning make of him a formidable enemy, hated yet grudgingly respected by his opponents.

The Bloody Sunshine clan are represented by a standard made out of two crisscrossing halberds under a dark sun rising. They carve and paint this standard on their armors and show it proudly in battle.

Zahgorim and his orcs of the Bloody Sunshine are currently using the fortress as a way to carry out incursions into enemy territory. They strike fast and disappear before their enemies can react. To their targets, it would seem the orcs’ main objective is looting. However, a sharp observer would notice that the orcs are also taking letters and books along gold and gems. Could the orcs be gathering intel for an invasion? The only one who could know what the orcs are planning is Zahgorim himself, but getting to him might be an issue.

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