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The Twin Monasteries of Shak Lha

The Twin Monasteries stand parallel each other on top of two opposing plateaus. They are occupied by an order of monks called the Dragon Stars. They offer room and board to travelers and adventurers in exchange for a donation. Travelers stay on the bottom floor of the building to the east, while the monks inhabit the top floor. As for the building to the west, it’s currently being restored and not open to the public.

An old school map of the Twin Monasteries of Shak Khla
The Twin Monasteries of Shak Lha

The Twin Monasteries

Long ago, the Dragon Stars were actually two competing orders, the Dragon Fists and the Shining Stars. At first the monks competed peacefully. They would watch the road and hurry up to be the first to greet incoming travelers and pander to them. As time went on however, they started to scale their tactics.

The Dragon Fists started sneaking to the Shining Stars at night and making loud noises to scare guests into switching monastery. When the Shining Stars realized what was happening, they wasted no time. They gathered scores of rodents, snakes and spiders and released them in their opponent’s monastery, causing all guests to run in panic. It went on like this for a while, scaling more and more, until finally it got so bad that the monks started fighting each other. Loads of monks got hurt, which caused the leader of both orders to finally meet.

The two head monks agreed that their hostilities were unsustainable. If they kept fighting, it would be a matter of time until they went too far and someone died. And so they decided to merge their order into one. Their name became the Dragon Stars. Through generations their philosophies and fighting styles became more and more similar, to the point where currently they are fully as one.

Now they run the inn together as one, offering travelers the best damn service one can have around these parts.

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