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The Caves in the Jungle of the Broken Garden

These natural caves are part of an intricate network that spans a sizable area of the jungle of the Broken Garden. Access to the caves is possible through entrances that are more or less hidden in different spots. The cave system also happens to run partially under the Temple of Bubu.

The two sections of the cave system shown in this map are connected through hanging bridges which have seen better years. The wooden planks that allow passage appear in good condition, but on close examination are half-rotten. Travelers passing through here would do well in crossing with care, for while the fall would be cushioned by the river beneath, the current is strong. Worse still, there have been sightings of flesh-eating and other fearsome creatures living within its watery depths.

Some travelers who have passed through the broken garden talk of “scores of masked men” who appeared out of thin air and took their possessions. Perhaps the locals are using the caves as a way to travel and ambush. Could they be keeping their loot there as well? But then again, who would be brave or crazy enough to face the depths of the Broken Garden?

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