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Jungle Temple of Bubu

After a long journey, you arrive at the monastery-inn of Shak Lha. You enter the inn, sit down and order some victuals.

As you enjoy your refreshments, you spot a bard and invite him to your table. You share a few drinks and then you ask him about the latest rumors.

“Adventurer” – starts the bard – “know that deep inside the jungle of The Broken Garden lives a tribe of men and women called the Wyakaikt”

“Go on” – you say.

The bard greedily gulps down an ale and then sets it down on the table as he lets out a belch.

“These men and women” – he continues, refreshed -, revere their own god, a certain Bubu. Despite my research, the name is all I could get. For all I know, it could be the god of Death and Doom”

You nod, wondering when it’s going to get to the interesting part.

“The tribe are so devoted to this Bubu that they have carved its liking on the side of a hillock. But that’s not the curious part. The curious part is… no one has seen where they actually live”

“What do you mean” – you say, starting to grow curious.

“I mean what I said. People have seen them in the jungle, even talked and traded with them, but as for where they sleep at night and where they keep their stuff, it’s a mystery.”

“You mentioned trade. Do they have any interesting goods?” – you ask.

“Ah, yes, good question” – he pulls out something from his satchel. What he’s holding in his hand is a small, black gemstone with a myriad shining colors buried deep within its center. This is possibly the most beautiful gemstone you have seen in your life.

“So as you can imagine, there is a lot of interest” – says the bard as he he rubs his fingers together – “to find out from where they are getting the gems”.

You smile conspiratorially and head out the door. Things just got interesting again.

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