Fantasy Map Extravaganza

The Abbey of Saint Claudius

An old-school map of an abbey surrounded by a river.
A seemingly peaceful abbey

The abbey of Saint Claudius is an ancient building inhabited by an order of monks. If you were to ask them what they do all day, they would tell you that they meditate and ponder the mysteries of the universe. But if the place is as peaceful as they make it sound, then what’s with the fresh blood stains you found on one of the rooms? And why do all the monks excuse themselves when asked about the mysterious disappearance of the previous abbot? To top things off, the new head of the monks has been locked in her quarters for 3 days now and refuses to see anyone. Maybe the villagers who occasionally trade with the monks have a clue. Perhaps the adventurers might even find one of the monks has something important to say. 

I’m using a parchment texture as I am experimenting with ways to make the drawing darker without making it look unnatural. I use a tool called Burn. When you use it too much on the same area, it starts making it look, well, burnt. By using a background texture that already has that burnt color, even if you darken an area too much, it will just blend in with the background rather than stick out. 

I also removed the name of the map from the drawing because I figured, hey, if someone ends up using the map, maybe they want it to be something else. 

Anyway, enjoy!